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If you’re facing charges of battery, disorderly conduct, endangering safety, or another violent crime, call the experienced Milwaukee criminal defense legal team at Fenton Law Office today. A violent crime conviction can drastically alter the course of your life. If you have any reason to believe you were unjustly accused, or are looking to have your charges dropped, reduced, or a conviction appealed, Attorney Jay Fenton is the lawyer for you.

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Violent Crimes

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    Types of Violent Crimes & Penalties

    In the state of Wisconsin, the term “violent crime” can refer to many different types of charges. Below is a list of the types of crimes that fall under this category. Attorney Jay Fenton can work with you to build an effective defense against these and other types of violent crimes.

    Types of violent crimes include: Criminal harassment Lawyer Jay Fenton Law

    • Misdemeanor, substantial, or aggravated battery.
    • Disorderly conduct.
    • Suffocation or strangulation.
    • Mayhem.
    • Reckless injury.
    • Recklessly endangering safety.
    • False imprisonment.
    • Stalking.
    • Arson.
    • Violation of a restraining order.
    • Kidnapping.
    • Criminal harassment.
    • Bomb threats.
    • Terrorist threats.
    • Obstruction of justice.
    • Obstruction of or resisting an officer.
    • Fleeing or eluding an officer.
    • Impersonating an officer.
    • Disrupting a funeral.
    • Mistreating an animal or instigating an animal fight.
    • Graffiti.
    • …and more.

    Because the range of types of violent crimes is so broad, and because each situation is unique, penalties for conviction range from minor fines to life in prison. The penalties you face for a violent crime conviction will depend on the alleged crime, the circumstances of the crime, your criminal history and, importantly, the strength of your defense. Don’t trust your violent crime defense to just anyone; contact experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Jay Fenton of Fenton Law Office today.

    Expert Battery & Violent Crime Legal Defense

    At Fenton Law Office, Attorney Jay Fenton and his team have defended many Milwaukee individuals against violent crime charges. There are a lot of grey areas in accusations of violent crimes. Was the accused defending themselves or acting out of fear? Was the situation unclear? Did the arresting officer do their due diligence in recording the facts of the case? Was the accused read their rights and treated appropriately? What evidence is there to convict? Has the victim’s story remained consistent?

    Having a lawyer who is experienced in crafting defenses for violent crimes is crucial. Attorney Jay Fenton will take the time necessary to examine and uncover evidence, file appropriate motions, and advise you on the best course of action. He will be by your side every step of the way. If you’ve been accused, don’t wait. Call Fenton Law Office at 414-858-6650 today.