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When you are convicted of a crime, your life can change in an instant. You face years in prison, hefty fines, and loss of important rights. A criminal conviction on your record can follow you around for the rest of your life…unless you fight back.

If you believe that you were unjustly convicted, you can and should fight for your appeal. Milwaukee Criminal Appeals Lawyer Jay Fenton will work tirelessly to get your conviction overturned. He is persuasive, strategic, accessible, and tenacious for his clients. With experience fighting for the appeals of clients convicted of a variety of crimes, Attorney Jay Fenton has the knowledge and skill to effectively fight for your freedom.

Criminal Appeals

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    What to Expect From a Criminal Appeal

    The Criminal Appeals Process

    The criminal appeals process can be complex. Outlined below are the basic things that will need to happen in order for your case to be appealed. An experienced criminal appeals lawyer can help you with each of these elements.

    Step 1: A Notice of Intent is Filed

    If you decide to appeal your sentence, you must file a Notice of Intent within twenty days of sentencing in order to preserve your rights. This notice will ensure that you are able to fight against your guilty verdict and punishment. The twenty-day filing deadline is strict, so it’s important to make a decision about whether you might want to appeal your case promptly.

    Step 2: Select a Form of Post-conviction Relief

    Filing a Notice of Intent will inform the court of your plans to move forward with an appeal. You also have the option to file various motions in pursuit of post-conviction relief, including filing for a motion to withdraw a guilty plea. This must be done if you are able to demonstrate that withdrawing your original plea is necessary to correct a manifest injustice caused by a due process violation, constitutional rights violation, or new evidence proving your innocence.

    You may also want to consider filing a motion to modify your sentence. The legal grounds for this include if the court relied upon inaccurate information or inappropriate factors, such as religion or race; if the court’s reasoning for imposing your sentence wasn’t included on the record; if your sentence is excessive for the specific crime; and/or if there is newly available information that wasn’t made available to the court during sentencing. Your best course of action will depend on the circumstances of your case, so it’s important to consult with a Milwaukee criminal appeals lawyer to determine the most suitable option.

    Step 3: File a Notice of Appeal

    Filing an Official Notice of Appeal is the next step you will take. This document should be filed with the court and a copy sent to the other party involved. Subsequently, you must prepare an appellant brief for the court to review. This should include facts about your specific case, grounds for review, and arguments for your questions. In the appellant brief, you must provide detailed descriptions of any errors that were made in order to appeal the court ruling; as such, it is important to be as descriptive as possible so that the appellate court has enough evidence to make its decision.

    Step 4: Appellate Court Review, Hearing, & Decision

    After the District Court of Appeals has been sent your appellant brief, it may take some time to receive their decision. On average, felony appeals can take up to two years while misdemeanor convictions could take less time. During the hearing, both sides will be given an opportunity to make an oral argument. It is up to your Milwaukee criminal appeals lawyer to persuasively argue why the court should rule in your favor. After reviewing the available documents and hearing from both parties, the court will either affirm, modify or reverse the previous judgment against you; they may also decide to remand the case back for a new trial in circuit court.

    Grounds for a Criminal Appeal

    There are many grounds for a criminal appeal, including improper exclusion or admission of evidence, insufficient evidence, police misconduct, ineffective representation by your lawyer, prosecutor misconduct, jury misconduct, and incorrect application of the law by the judge. It’s highly likely that one or more of these grounds could make the difference in your case, but it’s going to take a strong lawyer on your side who is not afraid to fight for what’s right. Attorney Jay Fenton will work relentlessly to uncover the facts in your case and win you the justice you deserve.

    The benefits of overturning your criminal conviction are life-changing. You will regain your freedom, have a clean record, and regain your confidence. At Fenton Law Office, we understand what is at stake for you and will fight aggressively to get your conviction overturned. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We will review your case and discuss your best legal options. Don’t wait, call us today.

    Fenton Law Office: Your Appeal Team

    Attorney Fenton has the experience necessary to defend you in both criminal defense and criminal appeals courts. His expertise includes federal appeals, federal habeas corpus, Wisconsin state appeals, and post-conviction work.

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    Attorney Fenton’s Criminal practice areas include:

    Many Fenton Law Office clients were not equipped with effective legal representation in their initial trials. Having an experienced, aggressive, and strategic lawyer on your side can mean the difference between a life of freedom and a life behind bars. Attorney Jay Fenton will fight tirelessly to right the wrongs you’ve experienced and obtain a positive result for you and your family.

    Enough is enough. It’s time to win back your life. You deserve justice and need a competent lawyer on your side who will listen to you, fight for you, and won’t stop until you get the outcome you deserve. Contact Fenton Law Office today to get started on your appeal.