Proactive Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Violating Probation

Milwaukee parole violation attorneyIt is important for those on probation or extended supervision to understand the risks and repercussions of violating their court-mandated terms. A violation of one’s probation or extended supervision could result in additional legal penalties, including further incarceration. Depending on the severity of the violation, a judge may impose harsher consequences than those originally set forth for an offender’s original offense. Additionally, there can be financial costs associated with a probation or extended supervision violation such as fines and restitution payments. In some cases, the courts may revoke probation altogether and the offender may be re-sentenced to return to prison or jail.

Ultimately, it is important for anyone on probation or extended supervision to take proactive measures to reduce their risk of violating their order. Here at Fenton Law Office, we help people with probation and extended supervision revocation defense in Milwaukee and surrounding communities. In this blog, we offer an array of strategies for those who are facing either probation or extended supervision to reduce the risk of violating these orders. Keep reading to learn more and click here to talk to an expert Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer today.

Thoroughly Understand The Conditions Of Probation Or Extended Supervision

If someone has been given probation or extended supervision as part of a criminal sentence, it is important that they familiarize themselves with all relevant laws and regulations in order to fully comply with their court-mandated term. This includes understanding any specific conditions that have been placed upon them such as travel restrictions, curfews, drug testing requirements, and any other stipulations set forth by the court. It is also beneficial to consult an experienced lawyer if there are any questions or concerns about understanding their probation’s terms.

Stay In Contact With Your Supervising Officer And Promptly Report Any Changes To Your Living Circumstances

Those on probation or extended supervision should build a strong relationship with their supervising officer and always provide current contact information like phone numbers and addresses if applicable at all times. Additionally, if there are any changes to one’s living circumstances such as housing changes, employment status updates, financial changes, etc., one should contact their supervising officer promptly in order to avoid potential legal consequences down the road.

Refrain From Engaging In Activities That Violate The Terms Of Probation Or Extended Supervision

It may seem obvious, but it is important not to engage in activities that violate the terms of one’s probation or extended supervision including avoiding individuals and locations that could potentially lead someone astray from compliance with his/her order. Furthermore, participation in illegal activities directly undermines a successful completion of one’s court-mandated term and could put others in danger as well.

Proactively Meet All Court-Mandated Requirements Including Regular Check-ins And Drug Tests

Regular drug tests may be required during one’s period of probation or extended supervision and failing a drug test may result in further punitive action taken by authorities. In addition, regularly checking in with one’s supervising officer is essential for avoiding potential violations due to missed appointments for check-ins which could result in an arrest or warrant being issued for failing to comply with terms outlined by law enforcement officers.

Abide By All Laws – Even Minor Offenses Can Lead To A Violation Of Probation Or Extended Supervision

Even minor offenses can result in a violation notice being issued by authorities which places someone back into custody while awaiting a hearing regarding their alleged offense(s). Therefore, it is important for those on either form of community supervision to always abide by all city, county, and state laws whether they pertain specifically to their order (i.e., following curfews) or otherwise (driving without a valid license).

Adhere To All Curfews Travel Restrictions And Other Stipulations Set Forth By The Court

Probationers must adhere closely to all conditions placed upon them even if they seem slight such as when traveling outside of their jurisdiction unless prior approval from their supervising officer was granted beforehand. Furthermore, those placed under an active supervised release must follow all curfews strictly. Not only does this demonstrate good faith efforts at complying but also serves as an additional preventative measure against potential violations occurring due to unforeseen circumstances arising — even when intentions were honorable.

If you need assistance with probation or extended supervision defense, or parole violation defense Fenton Law Office in Milwaukee is a great option. We are knowledgeable on all current laws and regulations related to probation and extended supervision, have taken hundreds of cases to trial, and know how to create a strong defense strategy for clients that are facing legal challenges. Our commitment to providing excellent legal counsel ensures that each case receives personalized attention and guidance for the best possible outcome. Working with Fenton Law will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process.

By Attorney Jay Fenton, Owner of Fenton Law Office

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